Hello Xojo fans,

We held our “Bad Movie” exchange last night, on December 8th. It was a blast discussing the history of these bad movies. I can’t wait to hold this again next year. I know that some people are interested in the results.

First, here were the rules. Each attendee was to bring a “Bad Movie” that they’re willing to part with. We placed each of the wrapped movies in the center of the table. The first person to take their turn was to draw a movie and unwrap it. The next person to take a turn would draw a movie from the pile. Before unwrapping it, they had the option of either [A] stealing any of the previous opened movies or [B] open the movie they chose. On around the group until the last movie is drawn and opened. At this time the first person to take their turn would have an option to steal any of the movies previously opened.

The “winner” is the person that has the movie with the lowest ranking based on IMDB. Of course they have to take that stinker of a movie home with them, so I guess it’s a win/lose proposition! Here are the results:

Red_Skelton_ShowOur “loser” was Michael, that took home the DVD of “Red Skelton TV Shows“. Ranked a whopping 8.3 on IMDB. If you’re too young to know who Red Skelton is, look him up. He had a great career and was synonymous with comedy from an past age. One that shouldn’t be forgotten. Funny stuff.

Next to last was Kevin (that’s me!) that chose the movie “The Net” starring Sandra Bullock in a 1995 stinker that I know I’ll be yelling at the screen for technological falacies. Only scoring an 5.8, this movie is about a computer programmer who stumbles upon a conspiracy, putting her life in great danger! Sounds like a rehashing of my own life as a computer programmer! Not.

Next was our runner-up movie, won by Grover, called “Mafia” starring Lloyd Bridges, Olympia Dukakis, Christina Applegate, and Jay Mohr. The movie scored a ho-hum score of 5.5 on IMDB. This is take-off of the movie Godfather, evidently scene by scene. Where the movie “Airplane!” (score 7.8) hit our funny bones, “Mafia” stubbed our big toe. Good luck Grover.

Ghost_RiderZ_2007 Our “winner” was Scott who is now subjected to endure the movie “Ghost Rider” with Nicholas Cage. This 2007 stinker managed an anemic 5.2 by never really eliciting any strong response from the audience. The acting talents of Peter Fonda as Mephistopheles, was wasted by poor writing and directing. Ooh boy. Good luck Scott and … congratulations?

Thank you everyone for coming out and we’ll see you next year for our January meeting!

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